Download Adobe illustrator cs5 Filehippo for windows & Mac 

Download Adobe illustrator cs5 Filehippo for windows & Mac 

Download Adobe illustrator cs5 Filehippo

Software details

Developer : Adobe
Version : 5
Language : English
Update : 5
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 74754
Compatibility : Windows, Mac

Software description

Illustrator is the world's leading vector graphics program for designing and editing art, typography, and publication quality images.

Adobe Illustrator CS5 is a popular graphics design tool that allows you to draw shapes, create vector art, and transform your artwork into other designs, including text and web elements. Whether you're creating art for print or web, Illustrator offers a variety of powerful features that can help you achieve your goals.

Top New Features of adobe illustrator cs5

1. Save time with more flexible vector tools.

2. Keep your style intact with a new control panel.

3. Get the most out of your work environment with a new multi-page layout.

4. Get the most from your work space with a new canvas palette.

5. Speed up your workflow with a new drawing experience.

6. Stay connected with family and friends through video chat.

7. Add animation and interactivity to your projects with the new Adobe Flash Catalyst.

8. Create, collaborate, and communicate effortlessly with a new interface.

9. Efficiently manage, organize, and edit photos, graphics, and designs.

10. Work smarter with an all-new design workspace.

11. Find and fix problems quickly and easily with a new troubleshooting tool.

12. Create compelling marketing material faster with new ePub tools.

13. Get started right away with a new document creation wizard.

14. Simplify your project management with new features for web and mobile.

15. Enhance the quality of your image files and add greater flexibility with new file formats.

16. Stay productive with new creative tools.

17. Stay organized with a new workspace.

18. Simplify your production process and accelerate your workflow with new templates.

19. Take advantage of powerful new collaboration tools.

20. Collaborate seamlessly across platforms with new social networking features.

21. Stay informed and connected through email, IM, and social media.

22. Get your creative juices flowing with a new set of color schemes.

Computer Configuration Requirements For Adobe Illustrator CS5

You need to have a computer with the following configuration to install Adobe Illustrator CS5: -

Windows 7 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 2 GHz CPU or faster -
  • 4 GB of available hard disk space
  • 2 GB GPU Nvdia


Conclusion for Adobe Illustrator CS5 2022

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