Download Microsoft office 2019 for windows Free permanent | Filehippo

Download Microsoft office 2019 for windows Free permanent | Filehippo

Download Microsoft office 2019 For windows

Software details

Developer : Microsoft
Version : 19
Language : English
Update : 19
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 4425254
Compatibility : Windows, Mac

Software description

Micrsoft office 2019 Overview For windows

Microsoft office is a suite of applications that allow you to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other types of files. This suite of applications are used by people all over the world for their business and personal use. It is a very popular tool among the software developers as it helps them to develop the software faster and more effectively.

Microsoft Office 2019 Features and Highlights

1. Built-in Microsoft Translator

 Create a new document in Word and translate it into Spanish, French, or German.

 Open PowerPoint and create a presentation in English, and then translate it into German.

 Save a Word document as a PDF and then open it again in a different language.

2. LaTex Equation in Word

You can easily write mathematical equations in Word.

This feature comes with several useful tools to help you create equations.

It works across multiple platforms, so you can use it anywhere.

You can also include images and other elements inside equations.  

3. Morph in PowerPoint

Use the new Transform commands to manipulate images inside a presentation.

 Customize text effects in a presentation to add special formatting.

Change the layout of slides and the order of items on them.

 Add custom shapes, text boxes, and charts to your presentations.

 Create custom shapes that can be used in any PowerPoint slide or chart.

4. Zoom Navigation in PowerPoint

 Zoom slides into a document.

Zoom through a presentation's deck like a movie.

 Navigate from slide to slide with a click of the mouse.

 Navigate forward and backward with the arrows.

 Add notes and comments to slides, making it easier to review later.

5. New Functions in Excel

Track which files are open at once.

Find duplicate rows in your workbook.

Filter based on formulas and text in a table.

Use multiple worksheets simultaneously in a single document.

Create a document that automatically opens when it's opened.

Customize which commands appear in the Ribbon.

Create a checklist template for quick reference.

Organize lists, tables, and charts in a master sheet.

Create custom tabs to organize your data.

Use the new Microsoft Edge browser as a template to export data to other apps.

Microsoft Office 2019 VS Microsoft 365

If you’re like most business owners, you may be asking yourself: Is Microsoft Office 2019 really worth per year? Or maybe you're thinking that Office 365 is a better option for you.

Well, the answer to both questions is YES! Microsoft Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 are both great software suites that will give you the tools you need to run your business.

But, if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, there is one thing that Office 365 lacks: OneDrive storage space.

The basic plan of Office 365 only gives you 5 GB of cloud storage space, while the most basic version of Office 2019 gives you 20GB of cloud storage.

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, Office 365 Business is what you’re looking for. This plan gives you 50GB of cloud storage space, and Office 365 Enterprise gives you 100GB of cloud storage space.

System Requirements to Run MS Office 2019

  • Windows 10
  • 8GB RAM
  • At least a Core i5 processor
  • You must be connected to a power source
  • You must have DirectX 11

Conclusion Microsoft Office 2019

In conclusion, I’m happy to announce that the new version of Microsoft Office is now available to download from our website.