Download UC Browser 2022 For PC Latest Version Free Filehippo

Download UC Browser 2022 For PC Latest Version Free Filehippo

Download UC Browser For PC For Windows

Software details

Developer : UC
Version : 7.0
Language : English
Update : 7.0
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 5558
Compatibility : Windows

Software description

Download UC Browser for PC 

UC Browser has been the leading mobile browser in China for many years now. It has become the most popular mobile browser in the world due to its ease of use and wide range of features.

UC Browser is known for being easy to use, fast, stable, and having a large number of features. With a user base of over 300 million users,

UC Browser is not only the most used mobile browser in the world.

UC Browser is available for download for Windows, Mac OS, and Android devices. UC Browser is a free download and offers no ads or in-app purchases.

UC Browser Feature

1. Superhuman Speed: Download and open pages faster than your competition.

2. Advanced Bookmarking: Keep your favorite bookmarks close at hand with a single tap.

3. Instant Access: Open links and bookmarks directly from the notification bar.

4. Unlimited Data: Use data when you want, save money when you don't.

5. Multi-Touch: Enjoy the full power of multi-touch with the latest UI design.

6. App Manager: Manage your app library quickly and easily.

7. Search: Easily find apps and games in your app library.

8. Share: Send content to your friends and family.

9. Auto Backup: Back up all your important data automatically.

10. Smart Downloads: Automatically download apps, games and other


1. Windows XP/Vista/7/8

2. 512 MB RAM

3. 1 GB Hard Disk Space

4. 4 GB of free space on hard disk

Download UC Browser For Windows From filehippo

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