Winrar Free Download Filehippo Latest Version permanent  [2022]

Winrar Free Download Filehippo Latest Version permanent [2022]

Download Winrar filehippo

Software details

Developer : redsoft
Version : 6.11
Language : Multiple Language
Update : 6.11
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 8541
Compatibility : Windows

Software description

WinRAR is a free file archiver for Windows that has been around for over 25 years and is still one of the most popular.
 WinRAR is an easy-to-use free application that can extract archives and other compressed files.
 I’m a big fan of WinRAR. It’s a free program that has been around for decades. Its ability to extract and compress archives makes it a perfect tool for any file sharing situation. 

Features of WinRAR for Windows PC:

1. Easily open RAR archives.
2. Organize multiple folders inside a RAR archive.
3. Extract files and directories from a RAR archive.
4. Compress a single file or directory into a RAR archive.
5. View detailed information about a RAR archive.
6. Extract files from ZIP archives.
7. Convert files from RAR archives to ZIP archives.
8. Zip multiple files together and create a ZIP archive.
9. Compress multiple files and folders into a single ZIP archive.
10. Unzip a single file or directory from a ZIP archive.

How to Install winrar In windows7/8/10/11

1. Download and extract the exe files to their destination.
2. Open the exe file using WinRar
3. Select the folder option in the left pane and then drag and drop the extracted files in the folder window
4. Click the "Unpack" button to start unpack process.
5. After the successful unpack, click the "Start" button to start the installation process.
6. In the end you will see a dialog box with the details of the installation process. You will get all the required information about the installation. Click the "Close" button to close this window.
7. Now you have successfully installed WinRar in your computer.
8. It is better to keep the file in your desktop folder.


Download WinRAR, it's totally free and you can do it now, or click on the link above to download it.