Edius pro 9 Free Download Latest Version With Crack

Edius pro 9 Free Download Latest Version With Crack

Edius Pro 9 Free Download Latest Version

Software details

Developer : Grassvalley
Version : 9.54
Language : English
Update : 9.54
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 9844
Compatibility : Windows

Software description

EDIUS Pro Video Editor  Overview

EDIUS Pro is an advanced video editing software for professionals. It comes with a lot of features that make it easy to edit, add special effects, create titles and subtitles, and more.

EDIUS is a powerful video editor with a user interface that is easy to learn, yet powerful enough to edit any type of video project. EDIUS is a professional video editing application that allows users to edit, combine and process any type of media.

EDIUS can be used as a standalone editor or as a plug-in for other software. EDIUS is fully compatible with all major platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Android.

It supports the latest H.264 and MPEG-4 AVC codecs and all popular audio and video formats. EDIUS also features an extensive set of tools for the creation of professional videos including video effects, transitions, titles, credits, overlays, animations and more.

EDIUS Pro Non Linear Editing Software Features

EDIUS Pro video editing software is an industry standard tool that is used by many professional editors. This listicle will provide you with the features of the program, including the timeline, audio editor, video editor, and more.

Edit 4K HDR

To understand the HDR workflow, it’s important to understand why HDR is needed in the first place. Today, if we shoot a video sequence in 4K, it’s only a matter of time until we start noticing that we have a lot of noise (grain) in the image.

HDR can help reduce noise in images and videos and make for a more realistic looking picture. 

4K HDR is the highest resolution available in the industry, and offers the opportunity to edit all four color channels simultaneously in a single image, making color correction extremely simple and easy. As a result, the need for a high-end editing system like EDIUS Pro is crucial.

 Complete User Interface

The EDIUS Pro user interface was made from the ground up to be extremely intuitive. The interface is very clear, and the buttons and menus are intuitively placed.

Most importantly, the interface allows the user to focus on the task at hand and not to be distracted by the interface itself.

Library Browser Component:

The software is a library browser component in EDIUS Pro Non Linear Editing Software which lets you add new libraries to the current project, manage the status of those libraries, and view the current content of those libraries in the timeline.

You can even browse through the entire library to find the specific clip that you want to load. The component is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux versions of EDIUS Pro.

Superfast real-time playback speed adjustment.

Anamorphic support for 4K UHD video content.

Automatic crop editing to remove black bars from a frame.

Real-time automatic stabilization for every frame.

Advanced multi-cam editing.

New motion tracking tools to seamlessly edit complex action sequences.


Pros  and Cons of Non Linear Editing Software

The pros of non-linear editing software are that it is easier to use and requires less training than linear editing software.Another advantage is that it is much more affordable than linear editing software.


Cons of non-linear editing software include that it is not as intuitive as linear editing software and that it can be difficult to learn how to edit video in this way.

System Requirements EDIUS Pro Video Editor

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
512 MB RAM
2 GB hard disk space
 64-bit Windows 2000 or later 

Conclusion EDIUS Pro Video Editor download

In conclusion, EDIUS Pro is a great video editor for professionals who want to create professional videos. EDIUS Pro is one of the best video editing software available for Windows.