Typing Master 10 Download For windows Free Latest Version

Typing Master 10 Download For windows Free Latest Version

Typing Master 10 Download Free Latest Version 

Software details

Developer : Typing master
Version : 7
Language : English
Update : 7.10
License : Free
Systems : Windows
Downloads : 4852
Compatibility : Windows

Software description

Typing Master Pro 10 is the latest version of Typing Master Pro, which is the most popular text input method tool for Windows.

Typing Master Pro has been downloaded millions of times worldwide. With this application, you can convert your handwriting into text, and also add various symbols.

You can input text by using the mouse or keyboard. Typing Master Pro is available for Windows, and is free to download.

Features of Typing Master Pro 10

  •  A unique typing system that quickly trains users to become highly proficient typists.
  •  A custom designed keyboard layout that automatically changes to match the user's style and preferences.
  •  Automatic word prediction and auto correction.
  •  Customizable speed and accuracy settings.
  •  A new "Find Next" feature.
  •  Quickly create professional-looking documents.
  •  Get an edge in business and creative pursuits.
  •  Type faster and easier than ever before.
  •  Save time, money and improve efficiency.
  •  Easily find, insert and move text objects.
  •  Create stylish custom document templates.
  •  Save time by quickly organizing your desktop.
  •  Type faster thanks to auto-corrections.
  •  Customize your keyboard shortcuts and keys.
  •  Save time typing long lines by quickly inserting bulleted lists.
  •  Create attractive tables with the built-in table creation tool.
  •  Easy Access to Keystroke Settings.
  •  Auto Correct with Less Mistakes.
  •  Advanced Auto-Correct Technology.
  •  Fonts to Make Your Text Easier to Read.
  •  Easy Copy and Paste Options.
  •  Keyboard Customization to Fit Your Needs.
  •  Powerful Spell Check.
  •  Auto-Correct & Auto-Spell Check.
  •  Improved Interface & Navigation.
  •  Easy Sharing.
  •  New Language Support.
  • Improved Speed & Accuracy.
  • New Look & Feel.


System Requirements for typing master pro 10

1. Windows 7 or later (64-bit)

2. 1 GB RAM

3. 2 GHz Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom II Processor

4. 4 GB available hard drive space

5. DVD drive or compatible USB drive

6. DirectX 9 or later

7. Internet connection

8. Internet browser

Conclusion Typing Master Pro 10 Free Download

Conclusion Typing Master Pro 10 is designed specifically for students, business executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who needs to increase typing speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

This software provides real-time visual feedback on each letter as you type, enabling you to correct your mistakes, increase your speed, and improve your writing ability as quickly and efficiently as possible.